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. holmes was apprehended outside, in a white hyundai in the back of the theater. >>> good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. for most of us it's unfathomable. a man armed to the teeth looking to do damage. amber lee is live in san jose to show us the mood at bay area theaters that are showing the dark knight rises. but our coverage begins with the movie that did not go as scripted. >> reporter: this graphic illustrates what some folks said as the smoke spread and they saw a silhouette on the screen of the gunman. at first they thought it was a part of the movie. then reality hit with the movies. >> we thought it was part of the movie, there was a shoot out scene. >> there was this one guy who was on all fours crawling. there was this girl spitting up blood. there were bullet holes in some people's backs, some people's arms. >> the first thing we see is a 14 or 15-year-old girl with bullets in her chest and her head, she was about to die there. >> reporter: her injured daughter has been releaseed from the hospital. >> people were running away. i hit the ground so i wou
with yesterday's mass shooting. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes and right now an emotional scene is taking place in aurora, colorado, where 12 people were killed yesterday and that is also where dozens more were injured. meantime the investigation into that killing has entered a new phase tonight. authorities in aurora, colorado said all major threats from the apartment. suspected shooter, james holmes, have been eliminated. >> a bomb squad diffused several explosives in the booby- trapped apartment. explosives expects tock out a tripwire that was set to trigger an explosion if someone opened a door. in the meantime, a memorial for the victims of the shooting grew today with people bringing flowers and candles to an area across the street from the movie theater. we now want to tell you about two sisters from the north bay who came frightening close when the bullets became to fly in that movie theater. >> reporter: some that the memorial in aurora, colorado had to physically hold each other up. one 17-year-old told us he lost two friends. >> just hearing that phone call, t
. >>> the suspect in the colorado movie shooting made his first appearance in court today. james holmes remained silent but his orange red hair spoke volumes. some of the injured victims and those who were killed looked on. >> reporter: without fire power and body armour this accused mass killer looked anything but menacing in court today. james holmes' hair is comic book orange not green like the jokers. the powerful batman character he alleged to be when arrested. his eyed fluttered, they drooped, they closed. he appeared dazed, never spoke. family members of some victims thought holmes a once budding neurosciencetist was faking. >> he's a coward and a genius. he knows what he's doing, he's faking the system. >> reporter: the district attorney says she wouldn't be told if he was getting medication in jail. she said it was unlikely. >> it is a case where we're still looking at the enormous amount of evidence and we would never presume that it would be slam dunk. >> what's the appropriate punishment for this man? >> death. >> reporter: david sanchez left court to see his daughter due to deliver
holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. as aurora struggles to heal, president obama speaks to those who lost loved ones. >> my main task was to serve as a representative of the entire country and let them know that we are thinking about them at this moment and will continue to think about them each and every day. >> reporter: the president said he came not only as president but also as a father and a husband. he said family shared tears, accepted hugs but also shared laughter as they recalled their loved ones. seven people remained in critical condition tonight in the hospital. president obama visited today during his stop in colorado. meantime a huge crowd showed up to honor those who did not survive. ktvu's eric rasmussen was at that vigil and tells us what the governor did not say about the suspect, eric. >> reporter: we've seen some incredible tributes to the victim's really since we got here on friday. just take a look at the crosses, they were brought in by the same man who brought in crosses for the victim of the columbine shooting. >> reporter: one at a time, a crowd of thousands honored e
. his bail is at $100,000. >> james holmes the man accused of the colorado shooting made his second court appearance today. he faces 24 counts of murder which is double the number of victims killed. 12 of the counts are deliberatation and 12 site extreme indifference to the value human life. he faces 116 counts of attempted murder, and other charges related to weapons and explosives. about half of the people in the court were family of the victims. >> expression and kind of a personality of evil to him. he looked very sane to me. >> cameras weren't allowed into the hearing. prosecutors are talking to victims and their family members about if they will seek the death penalty. >>> americans remain divide on the issue of gun control verses gun rights. according to a new poll 47% of americans say it's more important to control gun ownership while 46% say it's more important to protect the rights of americans to own guns. the results fall in the margin of error. more than one thousand were pulled from thursday through sunday. >> it started as a street fight, ended with two young men d
new ride malfunctions stranded a dozen thrill seekers. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. it wasn't a bird or a plane that had people looking up in the sky it was the new superman roller coaster ride stuck with a dozen nervous passengers. p atti lee is in sacramento. >> reporter: park officials have not started investigating what stopped this ride today. park officials say that will start tomorrow morning and until they find out they will keep this ride shut down. at 2:30 this afternoon with 12 people on board the ride stopped. around its highest point 150 feet off the ground. >> we arrived we put the crane that's on-site in place. we've actually done some training in case the situation arose. >> reporter: firefighters checked on the passengers while mechanics found a way to release the train and sent all guests back down the tracks ending the 90 minute ordeal. >> they all appear to be in great spirits and hopefully they are enjoying the rest of their day in the park. >> reporter: the park's president says he does not know yet what went wrong but it
everyone i'm healther holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne, we've been reporting on this for the last several weeks and it's happened again, a home burns and a squatter is being blamed for the arson. but this time the squatter is in jail for arson. >> reporter: before it burned, it was full of squatters. concord police late today took 32-year-old transient michael moss into custody. just steps away from the building he is accused of torching. the fire broke out about noon in this four unit building and authorities say was intentionally set in a ground floor unit where moss had been staying. >> that building foreclosed that they were squatting in. >> reporter: tenants next door say ever since the building was vacated people have been breaking in and living there -pl some of them former tenants. >> they're all on drugs. they're all going back over there. they're all tweaking and there's a lot of stuff that goes on around here. >> i've called police several time, i've called the bank. >> reporter: neighbors have watched in frustration as the building became a flop house. >> you have kids and you know
tonight that accused colorado movie theater gunman james holmes mailed a notebook about the killings to a colorado university psychologist. the package sat unopened in the university mail room for as long as a week before it was found on monday. it contains crude drawings of a stick figure with the gun, and details of the attack. the university has a different story. the university says the package was delivered on monday, and then found the same day. it's not clear if holmes had prior contact with the psychiatrist. >>> a father killed in that massacre was laid to rest. 51-year-old gordon cowden was the oldest of the victims. >>> disability rights advocates filed a federal lawsuit today against wal-mart, claiming it refuses to make credit card payment terminals accessible to customers in wheelchairs and scooters. you would swipe your card beyond the reach of disabled customers at many of its stores. the class action lawsuit was filed in san francisco by berkely center for independent living and two disabled individuals. wal-mart released a name saying our goal is that every point of
. heather holmes is live where she attended a meeting to discuss the changes. >> reporter: we're standing at the corner and none of them used the stop sign. it is a curvy road that some say is used more like a freeway. >> you see speed, we see turning violations, we see stop sign violations. >> reporter: an alternate rout for those looking to avoid san pablo avenue. >> a lot of people will come down here looking for a quicker way home. >> reporter: but the shortcut is challenging with drivers forced to navigate a tricky curve, pedestrians and bicycles. >> it's a very dynamic area, a lot going on. >> reporter: city officials discussed improvement to the roads. the improvements come after the death of gene smith last month. >> we have always said never to cross at that crosswalk because it's not safe. >> reporter: smith followed her children's advice that day and did what nearly every pedestrian does, crossed illegally where visibility is better. she made it across the road only to be struck by a bicycles. >> at that particular location there's a barrier of bushes between the roadway and a
category this year. heather holmes sat down with the police chief and asked about a shift in strategy. the report shows how tough the last seven months have been. i spoke to the chief about the numbers and how he plans to bring them down. 2:30 this afternoon a man is shot and seriously wounded while driving at 35th and foothill in oakland. >> people are very, very brazen. >> reporter: 30 minutes later the chief was talking with us about dealing the up tick in crime and the bold criminal who have surprised him by striking any time of day >>> there just aren't as many police? >> i believe that does play a role in that. >> reporter: last week oakland saw one of its most violent week. seven people shot and killed in seven days. one of the victims a 15-year- old boy. >> i don't want people to panic but just trust that we know what we are doing and we have a plan. >> reporter: that includes reassigning officers, consolidating units and putting more pressure on those causing the problem. the crime problem here is daunting, not only are homicides up, assaults, rape, and robbery has also in
made a stop at a memorial outside a theater where authorities say james holmes opened fire killing 12 people and wounding 58 others. >>> also today authorities returned to holmes important. cnn is reporting it was boobie trapped with more than 30 handmade grenades, 10-gallons of gasolines and an array of trip wire. >>> and today in congress, a moment of silence for the victims. >>> former congresswoman gabriel giffords is scaling new heights. giffords and mark kelly traveled to the french alps. they're in europe to visit a laboratory that made equipment for the nasa international space station. >>> police are looking for a car shooting suspect. they say his name is kenyon thomas of oakland. he is armed and should be considered dangerous. >>> police arrest another suspect in connection with that shooting about 3:00 this morning. following a three hour stand off. two other suspects are also in custody. police say the four were involved in a ramming and then shooting of a chp patrol car on interstate 880 last saturday night. no one was hurt in that incident. >>> new at 10:00, a plan to
's heather holmes in contra costa county. we start in san francisco, with amber lee, and the big show there that just wrapped up. >> reporter: frank, we're at aquatic park to bring you front row seats to tonight's show, it ends just moments ago. people are lining up to leave now after viewing a spectacular show. it lasted a little more than 20 minutes. the fog and wind proved to be no obstacle came from around the bay area and across the country to see the fireworks show that san frciscputs on every independence day. >> it's really beautiful. it feels like it's 3d. like the fireworks are just coming at me. >> reporter: this family from pennsylvania told us, its their first time visiting san francisco, and this 4th of july is special. mom and dad are from jordan, and this is their first independence day as american citizens. >> just the respect that everybody gets. the respect of religion, the respect of origin. just the heritage. >> reporter: the couple told always us they want their children to know why they're celebrating today. >> they know what independence means, like the 4th of
some campus presidents today received pay hikes. heather holmes live at san jose state where freshman orientation was underway this evening. >> frank just four years ago when students arrived here for orientation they were told that tuition was $2,700, now it is more than doubled to 5,500. wearing name badges and backpacks a parade of freshman walked to an orientation. but amidst the excitement is anger. >> it makes me a little tiny bit angry when we just found out they're putting caps on how many units the students can get because of budget cuts. >> reporter: at this family prepares to spend 12% more comes word of executive pay hikes. >> because of budget cuts all these things are happening with students and there's individuals that are having increases. >> reporter: at a meeting the csu board of trustees approved raises for three upcoming presidents. each will earn two to $5,000 more than their predecessors. dianne harrison will earn more than $324,000. and it's a $319,000 salary for cal state san bernardino thomas morales. ben lancaster says the money should instead be used to of
a kayaker. good evening. i'm ken wade. >> and i'm heather holmes. the 52-year-old man had a great scare when it tried to take a bite out of its kayak. it happened near santa cruz in an area that is popular for surfers. eric rasmussen is there live. >> reporter: this happened behind a kilt bed about a quart mile from here. there happened to be a shark expert doing research and he rushed or here when he heard about the attack. in the middle of a surfing hot spot near santa cruz it was a kayak attacked by a shark. police pulled the boat out of evidence to show us the bite marks. >> he had started to paddle and go through the water will a shark grabbed the front end of it. >> reporter: wildlife experts spoke to the man. the 52-year-old fisherman from fremont was thrown from the kayak and unharmed when another boater rescued him. >> it was a white shark looking at the width of the tooth. >> reporter: police photographed a shark tooth they found lodged in the kayak. despite warnings from the sheriff's office, surfers and boogie borders flocked there. >> it is scary but i will be out here tomorr
lanes of the upper deck. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello again everyone i'm heather holmes and we begin with that breaking news happening on the bay bridge. there were three lanes of the upper deck of the bridge blocked by some kind of spill. this is the westbound direction heading into san francisco. all of those red lines you see on the top. within the last 20 minutes the lanes were cleared and re- opened and as you can see it's caused a major back-up on the span and at the toll plaza. take a look at that back-up there. drivers, you are expectf warned to expect delays trying to get into san francisco tonight. >>> now to the latest on the fight over foie gras. a legal loophole has put the delicacy back on the menu and protesters back on the attack with one of them getting arrested. it all happened tonight in san francisco. ktvu's debora villone to explain how foie gras is being served despite a state ban. >> reporter: ken this could be contraband, almost anywhere else. foie gras slider served at the presidio social club that says its sketch from state law because it's on federal
holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. police have asked the fbi to get involved in the break-in at twin peaks. debora villalon found out what has people so concerned. >> reporter: city workers discovered it this morning, someone cut a hole in that link chain and snuck in. it was a security breech that brought investigators to the radio towers today. vandals cut a hole in this fence to get inside the perimeter. they did not make it into the building but were able to cut some exposed cables. possibly air-conditioning. >> i just thought that some of the smaller wires were cut but no essential city services were impacted. >> reporter: san francisco police and fire as well as emergency services rely on radio transmissions from twin peaks. none were interrupted. but the fbi was notified because this communication facility is so essential. >> police, fire, medical, public works, utilities things like that. so, exactly what wires were cut and what they went to, i don't know. >> reporter: and no materials such as wiring or metal are missing. police say it appears to be malicious mischief, the motive u
degrees. heather holmes is in livermore tonight. >> reporter: it could have been disasterrous when people living here at the briarwood apartment complex saw smoke coming from the back of this building. it was another summer scorcher, and burning up literally. >> the wires were smoking. >> reporter: at 1:00 this afternoon, it was a blistering 103 degrees. and everyone had their air conditioner cranked full blast. >> the heat played a roll. the wires were in the sunlight. they were held together with some tape. some insulation, and plus with the use of all the air conditioning units most likely being turned on, it overheated the wiring. >> reporter: today's temperatures led customers to take advantage of cooling centers. david just moved, and doesn't have air conditioning yet. we caught up with him at the main library near fremont. >> definitely a cooling factor. >> reporter: washington hospital is embracing for an increase. >> the public has to understand they have to hydrate themselves, both young people and old people are very vulnerable to heat stroke. >> reporter: we found some people
in this newscast we'll bring it to you live. reporting live tonight here in albany, i'm heather holmes. >>> wilfredo "flaco" reyes is awaiting sentencing. ramos received that it was reyes who was the actual killer. and ramos attorney is suspicious about the timing of this arrest. >> one can only think they put off arresting this man because they knew if they got them in during edwin's trial the truth would come out that edward did not murder the bolonia family. >>> jury section got under way in hayward in a wrongful death lawsuit against hanz riser. he was convicted of killing his wife nina in 2008 as the two were in the process of getting divorced. the suit filed on behalf of his two children seeks $15 million. the attorney representing the children says riser could have hidden assets. riser is serving as his own attorney and has subpoenaed his children to appear in court. they are living in russia with their grant mother and have had no contact with their father since his arrest. >>> ktvu's amber lee live in antioch tells us, the man's friends and family don't understand what touched
summer months. new, heather holmes is live in west oakland to say what they found out when she asked about the timing of the brown outs. >> reporter: justs people are encouraged to come here to station 3 to drop off illegal fireworks come the holiday this station will have one lessening in, that one available to respond on what is an explosive night. today the engine here sat idle one of two stations impacted by closures. >> we need all the resources we can get. >> reporter: despite the concerns oakland is put approximating in brown outs, something the union agreed to in 20112 in the face of a budget crisis. that means from now until the end of next june two fire companies will be out of service for three straight days which one station completely closed. >> they shouldn't close them. . >> reporter: nancy lives a few blocks from station 17 which was close today. she said having eight fewer on the street this week is to great a risk. especially when illegal fireworks are such a big problem here. to her it doesn't make sense. >> no it surely doesn't. >> reporter: this is what illega
on loose. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone, i'm heather holmes. that 8-year-old girl from contra costa county is recovering after she was shot inside a family member's home and like now investigators are trying to track down the shooter. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live at john muir hospital in concord where the girl was just released. >> reporter: we got a chance to talk to the girl's family tonight. they said she is doing remarkably well considering she was shot in the leg this afternoon. the gerl's mother told me that she still trying toe figure out what happened. >> they called me on the phone an said she had been shot. i thought they were playing a prank on me. >> reporter: this woman did not want to be identifies, but says her 8-year- old daughter was at a cousin's house at bay point when gunshots seemed to come out of nowhere. >> she was sitting on the couch next to my nephew and they heard a loud boom and she felt the pain many her left leg. >> reporter: when the shooting stopped, investigators say the little girl and a 22-year-old man were hit. it happened on
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)